I am a passionate, ambitious, 3D Artist, who is dedicated to every project I work on. I am eager to grow, and am skilled in learning new programs and software quickly. I am a proficient 3D modeller, and also have skills in texturing software, material creation, VFX and audio production. I have also developed a strong understanding of video creation and composition, and have created 2 Trailers for my previous projects. Having a background in theatre and performance, I am also adept and confident at public speaking, having spoken to large audiences promoting my projects every year I have been at University.

Prior to University, I set-up a small development team with two friends, at the age of 18. ‘Deity Productions LLP’ operated for one year. The experience with the company taught me how to manage finances; understand the importance of outsourcing and seek multiple avenues of income. Some of our achievements were: front-paging the popular games website, Newgrounds and being Greenlit on Steam, for our first standalone project: The Canyon and being approved for the Apple Development Program.

Over recent years, I have gained a firm understanding of several engines: GM Studio, Unity and specifically Unreal Engine 4. I have worked the past year as sole artist on an ambitious project, as a result, my understanding of UE4 has grown exponentially. I am competent in cascade, material creation and basic blueprint based programming.

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